Christmas Murder Mystery Entertainment in Bristol

A Murderous Christmas Company Party !

Now that the summer is nearly behind us and the nights are drawing in it’s the perfect time to be thinking about your company Christmas party!

Here at 1st Call Entertainment we are often asked by party organisers what can we do this year that’s a bit different but also fun!

The answer we always give is, a murder mystery and this is for a number of reasons.

Murder Mystery Entertainment in Bristol, has never been more popular.

Firstly our murder mysteries are fun and interactive.

Actors as larger then life characters in turn will join each table of diners to convey the chosen storyline and answer any probing questions that might come their way.

During this time there will of course be the odd death or two and a number of clues discovered and read out by our bumbling policeman or detective!

The action concludes with a stunning dénouement after the meal.

The other winning ingredient is that guests can be as interactive as they want or just sit back and take note of all that’s happening around them.

Our murder mystery team, Murder by Design have been in the business of murder now for over 25 years and comment that their fun murder mystery formula works equally well for all age groups, something particularly important for a company party or event.

So if this year you have been assigned the task to organise an office or company Christmas party and want something that is both fun and a bit different why not consider a delicious menu of murder !

Murder Pic 1