Murder Mystery FAQ

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Its a question of Murder Mystery ????


How much does it cost ?

The cost depends on whether you book the popular Classic Murder Mystery performed by five actors orThe Murder Game performed by two actors and your location. As soon as we know this we can email you straight back an exact quote.

Is there a choice of storylines ?

Yes, there a number of different storylines with the Classic Murder Mystery format
and three or four with The Murder Game.

Does a murder mystery need to be build around a meal ?

Murder mystery’s are most often build around a meal but don’t need to be.
As long as this is mentioned when discussing or booking the murder mystery, the performance can be adapted.

How many guests can attend a murder mystery ?

With both our murder formats this can be any number of guests from 12 to (approx.) 130
so it is very flexible.

How far in advance would i need to book ?

There is no set period but the earlier the better in order to be able to guarantee you your chosen date.

What type of venue is suitable for a murder mystery ?

Most venues are suitable including hotels, restaurants, clubs, marquees , private homes, village halls.
As long as there is enough space for the number of guests attending (and of course the actors) !

Do we have to play a character in the murder mystery ?

In our Murder Game six guests need to be the suspects but they only need to
refer to an information sheet when asked questions ,they don’t need to learn any lines.
In the Classic murder mystery, the guests just need to be themselves ,listen to what the actors are saying
and ask questions if and when they want, although if a guest wants to give themselves another
character name then that’s fine. The main objective is to have fun and dressing up can be a great way of adding to the enjoyment and atmosphere.

Do we need to dress up ?

Dressing up is always optional although, if you do it’s great fun and can add to the atmosphere and chosen time period !

Do we work in teams ?

You can work as ether individuals, couples or teams to try and work out whodunnit but teams
are the most popular option.

How long does a typical murder mystery evening last ?

If built around a meal our Classic murder mystery normally lasts as long as the meal lasts !
The actors start performing at the pre dinner drinks and finish after the dessert course.
With The Murder Game we take (approx.) half an hour to set the scene with the main
action lasting (approx.) seventy minutes.

If we decide to go ahead how would we book and when would we need to pay ?

Once you have confirmed you wish to book, we would email you a simple booking form to which you
just need to simply fill in your details and email back to us. A few days later we would email you a 50% deposit invoice with the balance invoice being due the week before the event.

If preferred we can split the payment into four 25% instalments particularly if booking quite far in advance of your event

Are there general public murder mysteries we can attend or is it just private/company murders you offer ?

We offer both!
You can book a murder mystery dinner or weekend exclusively for your group or company.  You can attend one of the arranged murder mystery evenings at several different South West based venues.
Details of these can be found on the “Latest News Page” of this website.

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