Murder Mystery Storylines

Top Ten Murder Mystery Storylines

Here is our top ten murder mystery storylines. These are the stories which are currently most popular with our clients. We have over 30 stories currently in circulation. Two of our stories have now been published as Murder Mystery novels by our writer and director Christopher Mills. These can be found here on Amazon

The Mucklington Murders (1930’s)

The villagers have gathered to decide what to do with the Widow’s money, but not everyone is happy with the proposals and at least one person is willing to kill for their point of view!

Jesty’s Jewels (1930’s)

The old man appears to have fallen at home but when the Police receive a letter saying that they should look elsewhere for his killer, the cat is really out of the bag and the murderer needs to cover their tracks and decides to get even at the same time!

Murder on Safari (1930’s)

Just one more night before the revellers at this party set sail for Africa to dig for buried treasure but there are evil forces at work here who want some information and they will stop at nothing to get it!

Mopton Murders (1930’s)

 A quiet Sunday afternoon at a private school when the maths teacher is discovered murdered on the staircase. Weeks later at the annual school reunion, the body count is going to rise a lot further before the real culprit will be discovered but why are they doing it?

Pennington Park (1950’s)

The shakin’ sundae hop is underway and everyone is having a good time. The anniversary of the terrible murder seems to be all but forgotten when someone decides to deliver a murderous reminder and that’s just for starter’s!

The Eyes of Jonathan Gray (1940’s)

A young scientist has made a startling discovery for the good of mankind but wait a minute, it seems there are others who have found another use for what he has discovered and they will kill everyone who gets in their way until they have it!

The Great Panjandrum (1940’s)

The local villagers are suspicious of the important looking army types and a rocket scientist that have turned up to a local meeting. The rumour is that a very important person is visiting tomorrow to watch some secret testing down on the beach that might change the course of the war in favour of the allies. But things take a turn for the worse when a headless body is fished out of the river and nobody has any answers!

The Oscars

It’s 1937 and this years Oscar ceremony looks as star studded as ever. All of the celebrities will be in attendance. Both Centurion and Dream Pictures are expected to bring their entourages to see who will scoop the awards. But all is not well. Somebody will use tonight as a ‘golden’ opportunity to get even once and for all!
Available format Classic

The Final Full stop

The Tenth anniversary of the very successful Packard Publishing has brought together a number of the days most accomplished writers. Even though they have all had flourishing careers with Packard they have never actually met the man himself. Today will be a revelation for them all. Today will be the final chapter for some, but who is doing the killing?
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For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls

The stylish 30’s are the period for this portrayal of the ‘Society Wedding of the Year’. The guests have all been invited and the occasion promises to be very grand indeed.

Of course, sometimes even with the best laid plans things can go drastically wrong!

At this wedding it’s going to be a little more than the cake that gets damaged.

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