How it works

How Murder Mystery Dinners work.

Murder by Design offer two very different but equally as popular murder mystery dinner formats.

The Classic MurderMystery

  • The Classic Murder Mystery Dinner performed by five professional actors including a policeman or detective.
  • During pre-dinner drinks, the actors arrive.murder-at-Pennsylvania-castle
  • The Characters introduce themselves.
  • They mingle with the guests and introduce themselves.
  • They then join your guests for dinner.
  • Throughout the dining, the characters will visit each table, at least once.
  • They answer any questions guests may have.
  • They will also talk about the other characters.
  • They will gossip about their relation or connection to them.
  • Almost certainly they will be happy to give their opinions on everything that’s going on.
  • Perhaps be persuaded to reveal some juicy gossip!
  • During this time there will be a death (or two) with the policeman passing on any clues and evidence he finds.

The evening concludes with a stunning denouement during which the murderer is finally discovered and apprehended.

From only £950.00*

The Murder Game

  • Two members of our team set the scene during pre-dinner drinks.
  • They can also simply do this at the start of the evening.Murderhollywood2
  • A dastardly murder has already recently taken place.
  • The actors invite six members of the party to become the suspects.
  • After dinner, guests are split into teams and the investigation gets underway.
  • Teams are encouraged to ask the six suspects many probing questions.
  • During this time the policeman/detective will pass around any vital clues he discovers!

From only £595.00*

Murder Mystery Storylines

We have a number of fun and exciting murder mystery storylines from which you can choose.

Murder Weekends

Murder by Design is able to offer bespoke murder mystery weekends at a venue and location of your choice.

These can start and conclude at any point of the weekend that you choose.

Prices and finer details available upon request.

Murder Themed Treasure Hunts & Team Building

We are also able to offer bespoke daytime or evening Murder Themed Treasure Hunts and Fun Team Building.

* Inclusive of VAT. Local Rate.

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