Murder by Design on Netflix!!

Burgh Island, the home of Murder Mystery events, has retained us as their chosen Murder Mystery company for over fifteen years. The prestige and reputation of Burgh has piqued many companies’ interest, all wanting to use it as their backdrop. So we were delighted when Tiger Aspect Productions contacted us in February of 2021 and asked if we would consider being the murder mystery company featured in their forthcoming production of Jack Whitehall – ‘Travels with my father’ for Netflix. The previous adventures had seen the father and son team travel around the world, but this time, for their final outing, they would tour the length and breadth of the UK and visit places that were personal to them as a family and Burgh Island was on the itinerary, and that’s where we came in.

After numerous virtual meetings with Tiger’s production team, we dutifully arrived in the public car park overlooking Burgh Island – our lateral flow tests all checked as negative – on a beautiful April morning for the shoot.

We crossed to the Island and made the most of the weather to watch the team film the external scenes of the Whitehall’s on the Sea-Tractor.

The team set up inside, and we went through several scenes that, when edited, would stitch together as the murder story unfolded. There was the maid dusting in the bar, PC Bailey arriving to announce there was a murder, the lady of the house welcoming the guests and the dear old vicar who unobtrusively mingled with the glamourous guests before shockingly being found face down in his salad. It appears Hercule had suspected the wrong person!

I can’t tell you how the story ends and who the murderer is, but if you watch season five, episode one on Netflix, all will be revealed.

Of course, there is another way to find out, and that is to contact us and arrange for your very own murder mystery performance when you will discover ‘whodunnit’!


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