All aboard in Bristol for Murder!

A frightfully fantastic evening at the World famous s.s. Great Britain!

A chilly Friday evening at the Bristol Harbourside aboard Brunel’s great ship the s.s. Great Britain was the latest venue to host an evening of mystery and murder from 1st Call Entertainment and Murder by Design. It’s 1937 and the Black Funnel Fleet are holding their annual dinner, a grand affair by any stretch of the imagination, black tie and tiaras the order of the day. But what’s this? Capt Nelson has obviously spent far too much time in the bar by himself; he is going to be a handful and he could really let the side down badly, unless he is stopped…

The Chairman Lord Fortescue-Smythe is delighted that his niece Kitty is able to join him although he is less than impressed that she has brought along her fiancé Maurice Leyton, there’s something about that lad that his Lordship doesn’t like, but he is going to find out tonight!

There is tension in the air and no one feels safe and even less so when the first body is found.

But have no fear, PC Bailey is on hand to blunder his way through this great ship, eventually discovering the clues and finally he is able to say whodunit?

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