Somerset Murder Mystery

Four funerals and a bride, a Somerset Murder Mystery!

Oh dear, the Bride looked so forlorn, it was her big day after all but, the Bridegroom is looking very poorly, her father has gone off on ‘important business’ and missed the ceremony altogether and now her bridesmaid has gone missing. But not to worry, because this was the latest performance of a Somerset Murder Mystery evening from 1st Call Entertainment and Murder by Design, set against the fabulous backdrop of Ston Easton Park nestling on the Mendip Hills in-between Bristol and Frome.

The guests attending the event, were members of the general public who were wined and dined with an exquisite menu and top class service at this wonderful hotel, as PC Bailey went about his business and eventually managed to work out who the villain was but, not until the bodies were really piling up around him and the guests were beginning to wonder if there would be anyone left at the end, except the murderer! In fairness, that would have made the bumbling policeman’s job an awful lot easier, and he really needs all the help he can get.

As the evening culminated in a thrilling denouement, with the policeman looking pleased and somewhat bemused, with the murderer apprehended, the assembled guests breathed a sigh of relief and felt it was safe to venture out onto the gravelled drive and make their way home. This might have been a wedding that they would sooner forget but many voiced their praise for the murder team and made sure that they took details of future dates in early 2017 when Ston Easton Park plan to host their next night of murder, mystery and intrigue but all over a very decent three course dinner and some rather fine wine of course.

Grand Murder Mystery Weston-super-Mare Pier

Grand Murder Mystery Weston Pier, Somerset

There’s a crazed gravedigger on the loose and he isn’t the only person to worry about as the latest plot unfolds to warm applause on the Grand Pier here at Weston super Mare. There’s plenty of live action mixed with plenty of laughs and no one takes things too seriously. The guests had to use every one of their little grey cells to help out the hopeless copper from Devon in order that the ruthless villain could be brought to book and everyone was happy that they could sleep easy in their beds tonight – phew!

Marvelous Murder Mystery on ss Great Britain, Bristol

All aboard for the Wedding of the Year & A Marvelous Murder Mystery!

Wedding Bells tolled aboard Brunel’s masterpiece the ss Great Britain in Bristol at the start of this weekend but it wasn’t plain sailing for the best man or a number of other guests who found this was the end of the line for them for there was a Marvelous Murder Mystery about. Guests gasped in astonishment as the bodies began to pile up around them but then laughed at the antics of the bumbling PC Bailey as he eventually uncovered the truth and the murderer behind the dastardly deeds.

Celtic Murder mystery at Newport Manor

The Spy who came in at the Celtic! A new Celtic Murder mystery

A Celtic Murder mystery occured at a Manor in Newport which played host to our energetic murder mystery team. Encountering and uncovering a dastardly plot set in the swinging sixties where a beautiful blonde met her maker at the hands on a ruthless killer within the sound of Big Ben itself! But help was at hand and the murderer was brought to book. Delighted guests all went home alive and well! Guests had a great laugh and scare throughout the night with food, wine and a fantastic time all whilst enjoying ‘The Spy who came in at the Celtic!’