Murder Mystery books launched!

Murder Mystery Books

The applause dies away and the cast take their leave from the room. Another hugely successful performance from Murder by Design – First Call Entertainment has ended. PC Bailey, the bumbling, yet charming, Devonian copper has, once again, just about, managed to piece together the clues and uncover the murderer and the audience can sleep safely in their beds. But many of the guests want more and happily return, time after time, to witness another story unfold before them and over the past two years they have also been able to purchase three books directly from and read the back story to some of the most often performed and well-loved murder mystery stories. Readers can pick from “Murder on Safari”, “Who killed Santa Claus?” or the chilling “Mucklington Murders”. The murder mystery books can be searched directly as PC Bailey Mysteries or under the name of the Author Christopher Mills who is often found playing the part of the real-life PC Bailey in the performances up and down the country.

Author Christopher Mills is often found playing the part of PC Bailey

When asked, what made him decide to write the books he commented, ‘I have written thirty storylines so far and we have performed them over 900 times and I have been asked on several occasions by people that have enjoyed the evening, if they could buy a book, so I thought why not?

I began with “Murder on Safari” because it is one of our standards, and everyone has such a hoot trying to get to the bottom of the dastardly deeds that have happened during a village meeting, that for me it was the obvious choice.

It has been great, to have performed in a couple of events recently, where people have come up afterwards, and said that they have purchased the book and yet that they still wanted to see the live event because the two complement each other.

Sales have been brisk which is great and I plan to add to the collection at a rate of one per year until I run out of stories!


Murder Mystery Bristol

Perplexing murders occur in Bristol

The smart money was on the wife of the lord of the manor – surely, she had bumped the old boy off and then she would get her hands on his money. But then, the vicar seems to be hiding a lot about what really happened when the old girl finally gave up the ghost and what about that gardener – is he for real.

This has all the makings of a mystery and that’s exactly what it was because, Murder by Design and 1st Call Entertainment were at it again performing yet another thought provoking, highly entertaining, murderous adventure for an audience that hung on their every word. You could hear the conversations around the room as the death count rose and the clues were discovered about how people had got their theory all worked out about who was the clever killer that was bumping off the suspects under the very eyes of the audience and that bumbling copper PC Bailey.

Bristol would never be the same after this highly polished bunch of performers had come to town with their original brand murder and mayhem mixed with a generous serving of fun and the ability to not take themselves too seriously – this is entertainment after all!

New public murder dates coming! – Murder Mystery Bristol

Just when all the evidence piles up against one shady character, a shout rings out and at the far end of the room the very suspect who is as good as banged to rights keels over with a knife sticking out of their chest. Oh, no it’s back to the drawing board again for the super sleuths but, time is running away and the killer must be brought to book, before this evening is out.

Who can it be, who is the one who is telling a clever web of lies, who has the motive, whodunit?!