Murder Mystery Mayhem at the Bristol Hippodrome

1st Call Murder Mystery presented more murder mystery and mayhem this weekend at the Hippodrome’s every popular Piano Bar and Bistro.
Guests were transported back in time to June 1953 to celebrate the new young queen (Queen Elizabeth 11)coronation !

The near forgotten village of Prinkton- on- Sea held a special parish council dinner/meeting todecide how best to commemorate the new Queen’s

All of the parish council’s committee members were in attendance including, Lady Helen Honour Gussey, Mr Roland Mimms, Captain of St Joseph’s bell ringers, Gloria Brookes, landlady of the “Olde Stump Inn (public house) and Peter Perrymayne ,the local builder and landscape Gardner.

Unfortunately little seemed to follow the planned parish council’s “Agenda” and before the night was through there had been three
gruesome murders !

P.C Bailey and Inspector Bottom, with much help from the guests finally managed to put all the pieces of the jigsaw together and work out, whodunnit how and why!

The local villagers of Prinkton-on-Sea were then able to safely make their way home.

1st call Murder Mystery can be seen again at the Hippodrome’s piano bar and bistro on the 25th and 26th August.