Dinner Dance & Murder at Ston Easton Park

Ston Easton Park

Ston Easton Park

On Friday at one of Bath’s most popular mansion hotels, Ston Easton Park, the dinner dance guests had an escape from the modern day troubles and stepped back in time to a bygone era of opulence, decadence, and romance. This was achieved by one of the most popular themed nights around, a Murder Mystery.

The Historic city of Bath is able to offer a wide choice of entertainment and venues in which to host entertainment and special events. One such entertainment was presented by the capable hands of the ‘1st Call Murder Mystery’ team on the Friday at Ston Easton Park.

Savage Shakin’ at Ston Easton Park

Murder in Ston Easton Park

Murder in Ston Easton Park

They transported guests back in time to the fabulous fifties, to the annual Shakin’ Sundae Hop of 1956. On such an occasion as this, with its promise of fun and excitement, it’s hard to believe that anyone could be attending with anything other than good intentions at heart. Unfortunately, this was most definitely not the case, before the dinner dance had concluded, two guests met a very grisly end. However, normality soon resorted and the doors were opened to welcome the guests back to a future 1st Call menu of murder!


“The greater good” Stately Murder Mystery Frome Somerset

The Somerset Victorian stately home of Orchardleigh House formed the perfect backdrop for a weekend of murder mystery and suspense provided by 1st call murder mystery.

Just a stone’s throw from Frome Somerset this elegant venue played host to the annual parish council meeting and
dinner of West Orchardleigh 1937, but this was never going to be an uneventful dinner!

The sleepy village had been in turmoil since the sudden and unexplained death of the widow Rose Stimper.

She had left a large sum of money in her will and had given strict instructions that at the dinner the village should decide how best to use the money,” for the good of the village. ” Various notable members of the community put their ideas forward including the local vicar and country squire but it was soon apparent that one of the assembled guests would do anything to get the money, even murder! Indeed by the end of the night, there had been two terrible deaths.

Eventually, the villain was apprehended by P.C Bailey enabling guests to travel home safely and return “If they dare ” to the next 1st call murder mystery at Orchardleigh House on the 13th July.