Murder Mystery Somerset – Serious Sleuthing on Safari in Somerset

Murder Mystery Somerset – The popular Somerset venue The Windmill Club at Edithmead Leisure played host to an exciting evening of murder mystery and intrigue on the weekend.
1st call murder mystery transported the invited super sleuth guests back in time to 1937 for the “Last night party in England” before setting sail “On Safari” .
The party started well with guests enjoying the company of the trips VIP guests including the famous explorer/archaeologist Lady Agatha Plantagenet, crime writer Eric Marrowbone and American millionaires
Mary Belle Divine.
Behind the smiles and frivolity, however,  all was not well and two of the VIP guests met a ghastly death and all before the desserts!
Fortunately PC Bailey was on held to lead the investigating proceedings and eventually with much help from the super sleuth guests was able to identify and apprehend the murderer in the party.
1st call murder mystery return to this popular Somerset venue in February to serve up another delicious, “Menu of Murder.”