Clues for Cardiff Christmas Parties

It’s never easy to think of a different kind of entertainment to book for the annual Christmas party, something that’s fun interactive and suitable for all age groups.
A 1st call murder mystery can tick all these boxes. The group love to perform their evening of murder mystery and intrigue in Cardiff and there is a wealth of suitable venues to choose from.
The actors “set the scene” during your pre dinner drinks and then join you for dinner during which there is a murder or two !
Each table works as a team questioning the actors in order to try and work out whodunnit how and why.
Clues are given out along the way to help and then after the desserts when all the teams answers are handed in the murderer is revealed in a stunning denouement.
1st call murder mystery hope they will be able to entertain you this festive season in Cardiff.

Super Sleuths in Somerset sort out suspicious spies.

Murder Mystery Somerset Cadbury House. Last week the ever popular Somerset venue Cadbury House played host to another successful 1st call murder mystery.
This time the super sleuth guests were taken back to the swinging 60s, a time of The Beatles, footballing success, Carnaby Street and the cold war.
The South West’s most successful travelling funfair, Crewe’s Carnival had arrived, but amongst the glittering lights of the dodgems, walzers and sideshows there was much unrest, much evil, in fact murder !
Fortunately P.C Bailey was on hand and together with the super sleuth guests was able to determine, whodunnit , how and why !
1st callĀ  hope that they can entertain you at a Somerset Murder Mystery in the very near future.