Hen do Murder Mystery Cardiff

1st call murder mystery were delighted to return to the Welsh capital of Cardiff this month.
They were invited to perform a murder mystery as a surprise for Kimberley’s hen party.
The chosen “scene of crime” was the perfectly located Angel Hotel, Castle street which is directly opposite the city’s proud centrepiece castle.
Once Kimberley and her friends were settled in the dining room 1st call’s PC bailey and assistant entered the room and sprung the big surprise. There can be no doubt that the hen girl was both surprised and delighted with her friends choice of party entertainment. The girls soon got stuck into solving the murderous plot  which was set in mid 1960s swinging London.
Everyone had a fun interactive evening.
Congratulations to Kimberly for her forthcoming wedding and 1st call murder mystery certainly look forward to  their next visit to the wonderful city of Cardiff.

Cardiff Continues post Covid

Now that covid 19 restrictions have been lifted, 1st call murder mystery are looking forward to returning to Cardiff. The historic capital city of Wales to do what they do best ……

Present evenings of murder, mystery and suspense.

There are many venues in Cardiff which offer the perfect setting for 1st call’s “Delicious menu of murder”.

You can choose from small to medium size stylish venues such as Chapel 1877, Old Post House, New House Hotel or larger venues such as Hensol or Cardiff castle, The National Museum or either of the city’s stadiums, city or principality.

Whatever style and size venue is chosen by our customers 1st call murder mystery are looking forward to their engagements this coming season in the Welsh capital of Cardiff.

Clues for Cardiff Christmas Parties

It’s never easy to think of a different kind of entertainment to book for the annual Christmas party, something that’s fun interactive and suitable for all age groups.
A 1st call murder mystery can tick all these boxes. The group love to perform their evening of murder mystery and intrigue in Cardiff and there is a wealth of suitable venues to choose from.
The actors “set the scene” during your pre dinner drinks and then join you for dinner during which there is a murder or two !
Each table works as a team questioning the actors in order to try and work out whodunnit how and why.
Clues are given out along the way to help and then after the desserts when all the teams answers are handed in the murderer is revealed in a stunning denouement.
1st call murder mystery hope they will be able to entertain you this festive season in Cardiff.

Clues and Conclusions in Cardiff Murder Mystery Nights

Cardiff Murder Mystery Nights.
It’s not easy to come up with a form of entertainment that suits all manner of events. One that appeals to all age groups and is interactive and fun. One form of entertainment that ticks all of these boxes is a Murder Mystery night.
1st call murder mystery have been involved “in the business of murder” for many years and although they perform all over the UK the city of Cardiff is both a regular and favourite destination.
They comment that “the people of Cardiff and indeed Wales are so friendly and always enjoy this infectious form of fun entertainment.”
There is all manner of venue styles in Cardiff in which to host a “menu of murder”. These include an array of hotels, restaurants, golf clubs, sport stadiums as well as a truly atmospheric castle and museum.
So if you are looking for an interactive fun entertainment for your next celebration, fund raiser, corporate event or annual dinner, why not consider a night of murder mystery mayhem.
To see more about our Cardiff Murder Mystery Nights click one of our articles below:

Cardiff Murder Mystery – culmination of clues catch criminal in Cardiff

Cardiff Murder Mystery.

The combination of a stylish venue and a stylish murder mystery certainly make for a perfect evening’s entertainment.

The last two visits to Cardiff murder mystery have both been to offer their “menu of murder” to guests at the impressive Mercure Cardiff House Hotel & Spa.

This is one of a number of ideal venues to perform an evening of murder mystery and intrigue in this vibrant city.

This popular 4 star hotel can host for both small and large groups and offers Cardiff’s biggest conference facilities.

It’s also just a very short walk from the iconic Millennium Stadium and Cardiff Castle.

1st call murder mystery look forward to their next outing to this wonderful capital city.

Look out for further Cardiff Murder Mystery mayhem

Clandestine clues and conspirators at Cardiff Murder Mystery Events

Cardiff Murder Mystery.

Murder mystery dinners are more popular than ever. This year marks the 40th anniversary of this fun interactive entertainment.

South West based 1st Call Murder Mystery have been involved since the very start. They perform all over the country but Cardiff Murder Mystery events are one of their favourite locations.

There are many great venues to choose from which are ideal to host an evening of murder mystery and intrigue. Loco St David’s Hotel, Cardiff Stadium, Chapel 1877, New House Country Hotel and Cardiff City hall, to name just a few.

1st call murder mystery are often asked why murder mystery dinners are still so popular. They are several reasons, it appeals to all age groups, guests have an opportunity to forget the troubles of modern day life.  They get to travel back in time to a simpler time such as the stylish 1930’s.

The experienced actors from 1st call Murder Mystery are happy and able to perform murder mysteries for both private and general public events.

We are looking forward to the next 40 years of Cardiff Murder Mystery Events

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Murder Mystery Mayhem, Cardiff Oscars Awards

Penarth Road, in Cardiff, might not sound like a regular setting for the Annual Oscars awards ceremony, but it was last Thursday night! The HSH motor company (Honda) had completed the major renovation to their impressive showroom and wanted to thank their VIP customers with a fun and exciting evening of entertainment.

Honda Motor Home

They booked the ‘1st Call Entertainment’ s – Murder Mystery’ team to transport their guests back in time, to an Oscars awards night in 1937.

Cardiff’s Deadly Oscars Awards Night

Everyone who was anyone in the film industry was in attendance. Including the famous motion picture producer and owner Marjorie-Gae Millington, her dynamic director, Barton Hayes, and their latest star in the making, the dashing James Stonnington Smythe, to name just a few!

An Oscars Awards to ‘die’ for

Scene Of The Crime

Unfortunately, there was a ghastly death before the first award could be given out and then another before the delicious desserts were served! Luckily the local constable, PC Bailey, was on hand for crowd control and was eventually able to apprehend the villain amongst the party and save the day.

Marketing Manager Dawn commented, “I want to say a big thank you to your team for a brilliantly entertaining evening, our guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves.”