Fowl Play and Fine Dining at Famous Bristol Football Stadium

There was fowl play on the weekend at Bristol’s Ashton gate. This was not anything that occurred on the football pitch but the famous Bristol venue hosting its first ever murder mystery night!

Would-be super sleuths chose this alternative to a romantic Valentines meal and travelled back in time to 1929 to attend the Valentines Massacre.

`This dinner was attended by some very dubious characters including rival London gang leaders, Victor Valentine and Robert (Bugsy) Moran. Also in attendance was Michael (the Mauler) Merchant and Harriet (Hands) Hanley.

Fine dining was the last thing on their minds and before long there had been a ghastly murder or two!

Fortunately P.C Bailey was on hand for crowd control and eventually (which a little help) was able to work out the murderer in the room. Thus allowing the guests to make their way home safely, after an evening of fowl play and delicious dining.

Look out for Ashton gates next menu of murder.