Birmingham Murder Mystery Event with published novelist.

Birmingham – 1st Call Murder Mystery perform storylines by their own novelist Christopher Mills

The Edgbaston Hotel in Birmingham plays host to two evenings of Murder Mystery Mayhem.

1st Call Murder Mystery’s company Murder by Design will be performing two exciting storylines over the weekend.

These stories are based on the scripts, turned novels are written by the owner and creative director of Murder By Design, Christopher Mills. He created the feature character of PC Bailey and will be performing the role on both occasions.


Christopher Mills has written three novels. The third novel ‘The Mucklington Murders’ in the PC Bailey crime thriller series has just been released on in kindle and paperback version.

The books are the spin off from the highly successful murder mysteries that have been performed by Murder By Design over the past thirty years.  They follow the bumbling policeman’s adventures as he (partly by accident) stumbles his way through to uncovering the perpetrator of the deadly deeds. Then finally reveals, in classic style, ‘whodunnit?’

The Mucklington Murders’ is the third title in the series. It compliments the previous titles being ‘Murder on Safari’ and ‘Who Killed Santa Claus?’ all set in the 1930’s. Murder By Design will be performing two of these stories at the Edgbaston Hotel on the 18th and 19th of December 2015.

Contact us here for further details of this extraordinary Birmingham murder mystery event.


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