Murder Mystery Bristol Hippodrome

Curtain up on the Hippodrome’s best-kept secret! – Murder Mystery Bristol Hippodrome

Not wanting to rest on their laurels as the premiere theatre in the Southwest, the Bristol Hippodrome has added something new to its repertoire this season. Now while you relax for a drink in the popular ‘Hanover Street Piano Bar’. Which forms part of the ground floor of this famous Bristol landmark, you just might find that you have entered the world of Murder, Mystery and Intrigue because the Hippodrome are staging a series of Murder Mystery Birstol Hippodrome evenings. The events began running in late 2016 and will continue through 2017 with a varied menu of murders being performed by 1st Call Entertainment’s sister company Murder By Design, who are one of the longest continually performing murder mystery teams in the world (so there!)

As you get accustomed to the friendly atmosphere of the Piano Bar, you will enjoy a very decent three-course meal while the larger-than-life characters weave the murder plot throughout the evening. One minute you are talking to the Gardener who appears daft as a brush and then the next minute, a scream rings out and there is a body lying on the floor in front of the bar – what is going on? – well while you are trying to fathom it out, help arrives in the form of a bumbling PC Bailey who tries his best to put the clues together and somehow, with a lot of help from the onlookers, he finally seems to piece it all together and the murderer is revealed – phew close call, for a while I was sure it was that woman or perhaps the young man – but then once the clues fell into place it had to be the other one with the scar….

Must make a note to book again – though it will be a different story next time but whatever the story, a guaranteed great night of entertainment will always be there. Who would have thought a theatre bar could be so interesting!?

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