Murder at the Bristol Hippodrome

‘1st Call Entertainment’ have the pleasure to regularly perform evenings of murder mystery and mayhem in Bristol, especially int the Hippodrome.
But last week presented a very special murder mystery. The team often perform in the piano bar and bistro of the city’s prestigious Hippodromes theatre, but on Monday night they performed on the theatre’s famous stage!

Bristol Hippodrome Auditorium

The evening guests were transported back to wartime Britain in 1941. A new weapon called the “Great Pandandrum” had been invented and the VIP guests were invited to the special launch dinner. The evening started well with guests enjoying social chit-chat in the theatre’s stalls, but, the relaxed atmosphere suddenly changed when a key member of the army party was found dead backstage in the no 1 dressing room. Being British the assembled guests did the only thing they could do, “carry on regardless” and go straight to the awaiting sumptuous buffet on the stage!

A Staged Hippodrome Murder

A further two grisly deaths occurred before the guests tucked into their desserts but eventually (with much help) from the guest’s local policeman ‘P.C. Bailey’ was able to identify and apprehend the murderer in the party.

There is no doubt the guests enjoyed their “first ever” murder mystery on the famous Bristol Hippodrome stage and ‘1st Call Entertainment’ look forward to returning to this landmark venue on the 4th and 5th May.