Murder mystery Bath – Mucklington Murder Mystery Mayhem

Murder Mystery Bath

A magnificent 19th century country house hotel, situated a stones throw from historic Bath,  played host last week to a evening of murder mystery and mayhem !
A team of larger then life characters, from 1st call entertainment murder mystery, joined the invited super sleuths for this popular venues first ever murder mystery night.
The widower Rose Stimper from the village West Mucklington Parva had recently died.
In her Will she had left her wealth to be spent in a manner that would benefit the whole of the village community.
A meeting was to be held and proposals put forward. It turned out that one notable villager would do anything to get their hands on the money, even murder!
Fortunately in the end (with much help from the assembled guests) P C Bailey was able to apprehend the villain and everyone could feel safe once again.
1st call entertainment murder mystery return to this wonderful Bath venue on the 1st November 2019.
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