40 Years of Murder Mystery Mayhem in Bristol

Murder mystery mayhem in Bristol
This year marks the 40th anniversary of classic murder mystery dinner theatre in Bristol and around the country.
Members of South West based 1st Call Murder Mystery have performed this hugely popular form of entertainment since the start.
Although 1st Call Murder Mystery perform all over the country, their most requested and popular destination is Bristol.
There are without doubt a number of reasons why this form of entertainment remains so very popular.
It’s interactive, appeals to all age groups and offers an
an opportunity to dress up. At a 1st Call Murder Mystery you can forget the stress’s and strains of modern life, with it’s ever changing technology, and travel back in time to a simpler life.
The stylish 1930’s,1940’s or fabulous era of the rock n roll 1950’s.
The talented and experienced actors from 1st Call Murder Mystery perform for private and general public events in equal measure.
Regular Bristol venues include the piano bar and bistro at the city’s Hippodrome Theatre, the historic S.S Great Britain and the popular Doubletree Hilton Hotels.
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