Somerset Murder Mystery Venues.

Somerset Murder Mystery Venues.
The county of Somerset is best known for its scenic countryside and coastal seaside resorts with many iconic landmarks and monuments to discover.
Somerset Murder Mystery Venues have also become a very popular destination to host entertainment and events. Murder Mystery evenings now being one of the most requested.
Somerset based 1st call Murder Mystery have performed this form of fun interactive entertainment since it first begun some 40 years ago.
Event organisers can choose from a wealth of Somerset murder mystery venues including Orchardleigh House, Frome. The Windmill Club, Burnham on Sea and Brean’s Country Club to name just a few 1st call murder mystery enjoy performing at.
Guests are invited to dress to impress and travel back in time to a special occasion and help solve a murder or two.
Perhaps 1st call murder mystery will serve their “menu of murder” sometime soon for you.
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